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     Subject locate investigations are a lot like puzzles. One usually starts with one piece and begins to build around it until a larger image develops, continuing to put all the pieces together until the puzzle is complete and you can see the image in its entirety. Or in our profession, identify and locate an […]


Being involved in professional trade associations can be an honor and can also create quite the opportunity for one to excel in their profession.  As it pertains to the investigative profession, we are fortunate to have approximately 800 active members in our state association (TALI), and approximately 1,400 members in our national association (NCISS).  To […]


     In early 2013, a concerned wife contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to inquire about TIN’s availability to conduct a polygraph examination immediately at a remote location in east Texas. Her husband’s work schedule required that he often spent several weeks in hotels while working out of town. In one instance, our client had found […]


A company can have a clear vision for the future, a well articulated business plan, effective operational processes/methodologies, and flawless execution supported by competent management and clear policies. Yet for a company to achieve sustainability and growth, it is critical that the personnel are competent and they demonstrate uncompromising reliability. Unfortunately, a company may err […]

How Deep Should a Background Investigation Go?

We often receive calls for background screenings, or background checks; however, at TIN, we purposefully refer to cases such as this as “Comprehensive Background Investigations” for a specific reason. When we initiate an investigation into the background of an individual, we are earnestly investigating the background information of the subject and relevant leads in this […]

Digging Deep For Three Former Employees

In October of 2013, attorney Tom Stilwell of Baker Hostetler, LLP in Houston, TX retained Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to locate three former employees for an out of state client. After accepting these locates on a no-locate, no-fee basis, all three individuals were initially identified using the last known information for each individual, as provided […]


In December of 2013, a local businessman had applied for membership with an elite business networking group.  Before any applicant could enter the networking group they were required to undergo an FBI Background Investigation.  When this individual underwent the background investigation he was informed that two charges were located in his criminal history.  This individual, […]

Convicted Stalker, Concerned Family

In November of 2013, a law firm contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. requesting that we conduct a Subject Locate Investigation on an individual that was recently released from prison.  The reason for locating and positively identifying this individual’s whereabouts was of the up most concern to the law firm’s client.  The subject of our investigation […]


Our agency has been fortunate to investigate and present a variety of theft, fraud, embezzlement, etc. cases to law enforcement in years past. The investigative process we have developed for working up these types of cases has proven to increase the likelihood of criminal prosecution of those who steal from companies. This past month, I […]