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Investigating Ghost Billing Schemes

By Bill Pellerin U.S. businesses thrive on the opportunity to engage in mutual exchanges involving the many goods, services, ideas and monies determined to be of value to those who participate in our system of commerce.  In order to function productively within this system, companies often create specific positions or designate certain employees with responsibility […]


Employers typically authorize and/or conduct some form of a Background Investigation on prospective employees.  More often than not, this investigation includes research of criminal records on a variety of levels.  As a matter of due diligence, this is certainly a wise and prudent move on the part of the employer, especially if the prospective employee […]

Trends and Technology – November 2011 Newsletter

In the investigations industry, prospective clients often tell us “We’ve already done an investigation on the internet – that’s all that should be out there…right?”  Well, the Internet clearly maintains an extraordinary level of information as well as a multitude of data sites consisting of information and records compiled by government agencies, personal and professional […]

Private Investigators See Surge in Energy Clients

BY DEON DAUGHERTY HOUSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL In more prosperous times, energy companies may have been more likely to write off internal theft, but as the economy has stumbled, the industry is less willing to look the other way, local private investigators say. Rob Kimmons, president of Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. in Houston, said during the […]

Trends in Private Investigations

Things have changed since then, according to Robin Martinelli, president of Martinelli Investigation, Inc., Grayson, Ga. Ms. Martinelli believes private investigating has evolved from a once shady business to a respectable industry. “It really wasn’t cool 15 years ago. Because of reality and crime shows, private investigating has become more popular. People no longer think […]

Q&A: Witnesses on Lawyers

Bill Pellerin is president and founder of Texas Investigative Network, Inc., based in Houston. The company, founded in 1994, specializes in obtaining private and publicly held information and evidence. What is the most challenging thing about serving as an expert witness? There is no doubt in my mind that the most challenging aspect of serving […]