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Non-Compete Agreement…..Who Cares?

In the fall of 2018, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was engaged by an out-of-state corporate client to conduct covert, mobile surveillance of an employee who had been recently terminated.  Our corporate client suspected the Subject was meeting with and sharing proprietary information with competitors and, in doing so, was in violation of his non-compete agreement.  […]


In the summer of 2018, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by a law firm client to locate a Witness (Subject) in a civil lawsuit.  This Subject, a former city employee who worked in the waste management division, was believed to have first-hand knowledge that contradicted opposing counsel’s argument as to the cause of a […]

A Message from Bill Pellerin

Friends and Clients – God is good all of the time and 2018 was no exception, as evidenced by how abundantly He blessed our team at Texas Investigative Network, Inc.  As an agency, we were fortunate to exceed gross revenues, case successes, repeat business and client referrals this past year.  It remains a privilege and […]


This month marks our 24th year in business at Texas Investigative Network, Inc.  We are humbled, honored and grateful for the trust and referrals we continue to receive from many long-time clients and friends, which has contributed to an extraordinary year thus far.  We sincerely appreciate you allowing us to handle a variety of client […]


In the summer of 2016, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by a Beaumont law firm to conduct a covert, mobile surveillance assignment on the Plaintiff in a civil lawsuit.  The plaintiff claimed that he had recently sustained a shoulder injury as a result of an accident which occurred in the spring of 2015.  This […]


In 2017, calls for investigative support continue to originate from within and outside the legal profession.  The types of inquiries that our agency receives often involve deeply personal and/or family situations that can be demoralizing and in some cases, devastating to our clients.  In many cases, the deception, fraud or harm that’s been perpetrated and […]

Caught Red Handed

In mid 2015, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by an out of state law firm to conduct a surveillance investigation on a plaintiff who claimed that she had suffered permanent nerve damage as her median nerve was severed, thus causing limitations with her right arm.  The plaintiff claimed that she was experiencing very poor […]

Leadership and Our Message

Most all of us are on the receiving end of ambiguous, distorted and half-truthful messages on any given day.  In recent years, messages delivered from leadership at our highest levels have been described as timid, confusing, disingenuous and frankly speaking, deceptive.  An unclear, politically correct or unprincipled message will often lead an organization or its […]