Leadership and Our Message


Most all of us are on the receiving end of ambiguous, distorted and half-truthful messages on any given day.  In recent years, messages delivered from leadership at our highest levels have been described as timid, confusing, disingenuous and frankly speaking, deceptive.  An unclear, politically correct or unprincipled message will often lead an organization or its followers into a culture of uncertainty, inaction, division and in some cases, chaos.

As leaders in our respective professions, the message that we impart to our clients should illustrate an image of the solutions that we expect to achieve as a result of the counsel and services we render.  This same message should motivate and guide our personnel to take prompt, specific and result-oriented action utilizing the organization’s proven processes.

At Texas Investigative Network, Inc., we believe the TRUTH matters.  We are in the fact finding business and take great pride in our mission of bringing clarity to those circumstances in which information and evidence have been deliberately concealed by individuals and/or entities.  We recognize that significant, monetary losses occur in corporate America every day as a result of theft, fraud, embezzlement, and employee misconduct.  We believe in our current system of justice and will work resourcefully and tenaciously on our clients’ behalf to ensure that those who deceptively and maliciously take advantage of others are exposed and held accountable.

As leaders, isn’t it time that we re-embrace a bold, transparent and charitable vision for our country, for our businesses and for our families?  We have been blessed with the opportunity to do a great amount of good for ourselves and for one another.  At a minimum, let us not fail to try.

Now is the time to get off of the fences of fear, neutrality and political correctness.  Let us dare to take a principled stand, trust God and return to the idea of making a genuine difference in the world in which we live.

What’s your message?

Keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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