Convicted Stalker, Concerned Family


In November of 2013, a law firm contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. requesting that we conduct a Subject Locate Investigation on an individual that was recently released from prison.  The reason for locating and positively identifying this individual’s whereabouts was of the up most concern to the law firm’s client.  The subject of our investigation had been convicted of stalking, a felony in Texas.  The subject of investigation had been stalking a woman he had previously worked with in another state.  Fearing for her own safety, she was able to transfer jobs to the Houston area.  The subject of investigation eventually obtained her new address, made his way to this residence and while on her property, continued the harassment.  The subject was eventually arrested and convicted.  The victim of the stalking has since moved residences again, and a new family has moved into the house the victim was living in.  This new family, after hearing about the past resident and her stalker, was concerned that the subject of investigation would come back to this house, seeking out his past victim, not knowing that she has since moved because he was in prison at the time.  The law firm’s client had small children and did not want to place his family in any potential danger.

We were tasked to locate the recently released individual and obtain his current whereabouts, ensuring that he is not anywhere near the home where the new family just moved into.  After initiating this investigation, we had trouble obtaining any recent information on this individual.  The subject had no social media presence, had been incarcerated for the past few years, but no forwarding address or contact information was available from the prison system.  After exhausting every online and technological component in our arsenal, we decided it was time for some old school P.I. work.  After meticulously searching through court documents, Investigator Skalka was able to obtain current contact information on the subject’s mother.

TIN Investigators, under pretext, contacted the subject’s mother, who stated that her son, our subject of investigation, has since moved to California.  After relaying this information to our client, we were able to provide the law firm’s client peace of mind, assuring that the children are safe in their new home.  As investigators, it is not always necessary that we “catch the bad guy in the act” but rather provide our clients peace of mind.