A Message from Bill Pellerin


Friends and Clients – God is good all of the time and 2018 was no exception, as evidenced by how abundantly He blessed our team at Texas Investigative Network, Inc.  As an agency, we were fortunate to exceed gross revenues, case successes, repeat business and client referrals this past year.  It remains a privilege and a great honor each time we are entrusted with an investigative assignment.

Allow me to share our below agency and case-related metrics for 2018: 

96% – Agency Revenue generated by Previous Clients/Referrals

94% – Subject Locate success rate 

60% – Surveillance – impactful, case-breaking video captured that contradicted a Subject’s allegation and favorably affected a client’s outcome

56% – Due Diligence/Background Investigations – derogatory filings discovered

23% – Agency Revenue increase from previous year

A STAT THAT CANNOT BE MEASURED – the opportunity to work with the most professional, innovative and high integrity investigative group in Texas, bar none.

Personally, I am still humbled every time a case referral is generated for Texas Investigative Network, Inc. by virtue of your good word.  Without our friends and clients, none of the cases and success stories we enjoyed this past year would have been possible.  Our investigative team continues to handle unique, critical, and challenging case objectives, and consistently produce a professional work product that yields favorable outcomes for our clients.  It remains a genuine privilege to work in the most fascinating profession in the world and to be a part of the best investigative team I’ve had the opportunity work with in my thirty-three (33) years in this business.

For those committed to the truth and personal discernment:

The truth is paramount and in time, always comes to light. 

We are presently living in the midst of a true battle between good and evil – pray hard, remain fearless, strive to work – and vote – with a well-informed conscience. 

The unexamined life is not worth living.

My best wishes for a healthy, hope-filled and prosperous new year in 2019.  May God our Father in Heaven bless, guide and protect you and your loved ones always.

Keep fightin’ the good fight, my friends – Bill Pellerin

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