About Texas Investigative Network

In 1994, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was formed by Bill Pellerin with the vision of placing licensed Private Investigators – with diverse levels of training, experience and areas of specialty – throughout the great state of Texas. In a very short period of time, our agency received opportunities to respond to and successfully handle critical matters for clients within the legal, insurance, corporate and financial communities. By 1997, our agency had discreetly and effectively completed assignments in virtually all Texas jurisdictions, throughout the Gulf Coast region and in several other U.S. states as well.

Today, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. employs 20 licensed surveillance investigators throughout Texas, as well as special operatives throughout the world, and distinctly remains a premier professional detective agency. Our agency has excelled – in what has become a fascinating, growing industry – primarily because we operate in a direct, result-oriented manner and are dedicated to handling assignments for Clients with Integrity, Accountability and Confidentiality.

In conversations with our Client, Texas Investigative Network considers:

  1. Is it legal?
  2. Is it manageable?
  3. Is it cost effective for our clients?
  4. Are our Client’s expectations realistic and achievable?

While in the course of our Investigation, we consider:

  1. Are we operating under the principles of Integrity, Accountability and Confidentiality?
  2. Are we earnestly pursuing our Client’s objective?
  3. Is the Information/Evidence we are procuring relevant and helpful to our Client?
  4. Are we managing our time wisely and our Client’s budget prudently?

It is an honor, a conveyance of trust and a vote of confidence when a Client awards us OUR ASSIGNMENT!