Specialists & Field Operatives

In addition to our central management group in Houston, our agency employs a diverse group of highly skilled Specialists & Field Operatives within the Texas Gulf Coast region, throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. Many of our Specialists and Field Operatives have previously received formal training through Federal, State and Local agencies. Most have former Government Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement and Security training in their respective backgrounds.

Texas Investigative Network, Inc. Specialists and Field Operatives are often engaged in matters which require expertise in the following areas of concentration:

Covert Surveillance

Cybercrimes Investigations

Domestic & International Terrorism

Political Corruption

Electronic Countermeasures

Our Electronic Countermeasure services are conducted exclusively
by Former F.B.I. Technically Trained Special Agents

Hidden Assets

GLB Compliant Bank Account Searches

Subject Profiling

Polygraph Examinations

Financial Assessments

Fraud Investigations

Government/Corporate/Foreign Intelligence

Catastrophic Accidents

Executive Protection

Threat Assessments