Texas Investigative Network has assisted my firm for several years, and has been an incredible asset to us. They are very professional, efficient, and are very accommodating. They are accessible and work to assist with early investigation through trial testimony, if necessary.  We have used Texas Investigative on multiple occasions and they go above and beyond in communicating with us about each case, and they always provide quality investigations.

Texas Investigators was professional, knowledgeable and thorough.  In just two weeks, they solved a corporate theft case we thought might not be solvable.  I highly recommend them for your investigation needs.

Bill & Kyle, thank you both for your hard work on this case. The affidavit you secured from Ms. Smith helped shut this case down quickly. You guys are true professionals and, as always, a pleasure to work with on a case.”

Working with Texas Investigative Network has been a pleasure.  The investigators provided professional, timely services and responded immediately to emergency requests.  Their work was crucial to the successful resolution of our client’s important matter.  I highly recommend TIN and will use them for future investigative needs.”

It was a real pleasure to deal with Texas Investigative Network. As operations manager for North Texas division of HNC Amusements, Inc., we recently had reason to suspect that one of our employees was involved in some type of income generating business outside his job with our company. The employee’s spending habits had become a distraction to fellow employees, who expressed their concern over his ability to spend way beyond his salary level, thus creating a constant flow of negative gossip and a level of jealously among fellow employees, since all earn approximately same income. My concern was his possible involvement in illegal activity or some type of business, which would create a conflict of interest with our company.  I needed to know without the employee being aware, in the event that whatever he was involved in was both legal and just a result of possible inheritance, another job on side not in conflict with our business, or some other reasonable explanation, since he had been employed with us for several years and performed his job well. I did not want to penalize him without reason.

I contacted Texas Investigative Network and expressed my concerns and need to know. After answering a few questions and providing information requested by my contact Bill Pellerin, I was provided an estimate of costs and a plan of action that would, in the end, provide answers to our concerns in only 14 days. Sadly, our employee was involved in same business as ours, with one of our past customers, and was using our company assets to grow their side business.

He has been terminated and morale within our company is at a new high. I would recommend highly Texas Investigative Network, as they are professional and highly experienced, as is evident with the results they provided in our case.  I think it is important to note that our employee was completely surprised, when we presented him with the information obtained through this investigation. This information and evidence resulted in his immediate termination. The employee in no way suspected or had any idea he was being investigated and his activities were under surveillance.  This is important, because had the investigation revealed that he was innocent of any negative activities, we could have retained him without creating any distrust and embarrassment to him.  Thanks Bill and Kyle for a great job.”

On behalf of our Client, I want to thank you for your invaluable assistance in this case.  After failing to reach a settlement at mediation on Tuesday, we worked together with opposing counsel yesterday for a marathon session and reached a final agreement at 11:30 p.m. last night.  Our Client and I went to court this morning to prove up the divorce.  Our Client is very happy with the outcome.

I enjoyed working with you on this case and hope that there may be other opportunities in the future.”

Thank you for all your superior private investigation services and continued efforts on behalf of my clients throughout the past twelve years. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

My firm handles serious injury and death cases and needs investigators who are professional and responsive. In our cases, eyewitness information can be a deciding factor in whether our clients win or lose their case. We use Texas Investigative Network, Inc. extensively to help locate key witnesses and preserve relevant evidence and have been pleased with the quality of their work.”

Since 1994, I’ve entrusted a significant amount of casework to Texas Investigative Network, Inc., and have found the firm to handle assignments in a direct, straight forward approach. Operating in a professional, result-oriented manner, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. has consistently provided a valued service for my clients. I am proud to say that Bill Pellerin is a highly capable Investigator and is my personal friend.”

Texas Investigative Network, Inc. personnel do an excellent job of listening to the case objectives. Law Firm clients can turn over an assignment for investigation and confidently allow T.I.N. to run with it. T.I.N. is also very responsible in reporting back to our firm on a frequent basis.”

Job very well done.  Thanks gentlemen”.

Once again, I want to THANK YOU and your team for your outstanding, professional investigative help.”

Your agency’s performance was excellent and all current issues have been addressed.  Thank you.”

Bill Pellerin and his associates have served our law firm well for many years. Whether it is a simple background check, a consultation, or a very intricate and sensitive surveillance, Bill and Texas Investigative Network, Inc. have provided us quality services at a very reasonable price and have ensured the level of confidentiality and sensitivity required by our clients.”

Texas Investigative Network, Inc. does what they say they will do and they do it in a timely, trustworthy and reliable manner.”

Thanks for all the work you guys put into this file. We got our case settled and your team’s efforts were a great part of getting it done. I’ll keep Texas Investigative Network, Inc. on my very short list of investigators and appreciate all you did.”

In today’s world it is increasingly important that businesses protect themselves against internal and external dangers.  Texas Investigative Network, Inc. has played a critical role in ensuring that we do not bring someone into our organization that could damage our business; potentially saving us thousands of dollars.  Please give everyone at Texas Investigative Network, Inc. a pat on the back from Quadvest and keep up the good work”.

On a number of occasions I have had the opportunity to retain the services of Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to obtain critical information on businesses and individuals. On each such occasion, I was impressed with both the speed in which the assignment was accomplished and the professionalism used to complete it. But most important, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. achieved the results my clients needed. Without hesitation, I am confident in recommending Bill Pellerin and Texas Investigative Network, Inc., as investigators in any civil, criminal, corporate or insurance matter.”

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your efforts on this case for us. Your timely report has made all the difference to my client’s case. Due to your report we were able to prove that the other party was working again despite what they had said in court documents. This was a significant piece of evidence in our case.”

Amegy Bank has used Texas Investigative Network, Inc. in a variety of capacities over the past 10 years.  We have always found Texas Investigative Network to be thorough, prompt, efficient and reasonably priced for their services.”

I have known Bill Pellerin since 1991 and have used Bill and Texas Investigative Network’s service since 1994 in the fields of locating subjects and surveillance. Bill’s high degree of professionalism and effective systematic approach to completing the task at hand has produced superior results for my investigations. I was very impressed by the results of a recent surveillance assignment in which Bill was able to overcome the challenges of a crowded restaurant and obtained excellent video of a bodily injury claimant doing a variety of physical tasks which allowed us to deny the claim. Thanks Bill for all you do for us.”

This is to testify to the fact that in August of 2009, my husband and I hired Mr. Bill Pellerin at Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct an investigation for us.  Our case was extremely personal, so we will not go into the particulars of the case.  It did, however, span a period of almost 1 ½ years, and, during that time, Mr. Pellerin and his staff became very important to us.

Not only were they extremely professional and efficient, they were more caring and kind than we could have ever imagined when this investigation began.  Mr. Bill Pellerin and some of the staff became like family to us, and it touched our hearts that they also were concerned for our well-being during a very difficult time in our lives.

We would recommend them to anyone, be it friends, family or strangers.  Anyone who hires Texas Investigative Network, Inc. will be in the best of hands.”

My husband said I was crazy when I confronted him about what looked like an affair.  Unfortunately, T.I.N.’s efficient investigators proved me right.  I eventually saved my marriage and my family, but it took these guys to kick-start the process.”

The surveillance services and identification info I have received from your Investigators has been very helpful. It amazes me how no one is particularly concerned about the evidence I have until I show that I have it on professional video from an investigative firm. Then suddenly the info acquires validation and everyone seems to wake up and start listening. Thanks for your help.”

You can use T.I.N. Investigators as a tool.  Good Surveillance video can be a hammer in court or a wake-up call to a spouse who doesn’t realize how foolish they’ve been.  I personally used T.I.N.’s professional services to get past the hurt and save our marriage from crumbling further.”