In December of 2013, a local businessman had applied for membership with an elite business networking group.  Before any applicant could enter the networking group they were required to undergo an FBI Background Investigation.  When this individual underwent the background investigation he was informed that two charges were located in his criminal history.  This individual, now in his 50’s had been charged with a DWI and a Disorderly Conduct charge back when he was a teenager.  This individual, through his attorney, retained Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to locate these charges and obtain certified copies of the final dispositions so that he could submit them to the review board of the business networking group, and therefore gain entry.

The DWI charge was quickly located and certified copies of the charge were promptly obtained and submitted to our client.  Information on the Disorderly Conduct charge; however, proved to be very elusive.  Because the charge happened, according to our client’s recollection, in a small town on the border of two counties, both counties were searched for the charge.  After it was determined that this charge was not filed with the County/District Clerk for either of the two counties, we had to get creative.

We identified all Justice of the Peace Courts which were located within 25 miles of the area our client recalled the charge occurring and began researching their records.  After it was determined that the charge was not filed in any J.P. Court in the area, we spoke to the Juvenile Courts for both counties (as we were aware our client was a minor at the time of the offense).  After researching the Juvenile Courts of both counties and confirming the charge was not filed with either of the two courts, we then started checking with all of the law enforcement agencies who patrolled the area where the charge allegedly occurred.  After finally finding the jurisdiction who actually issued the ticket for the offense, were we directed to a small municipal court in a nearby town that had actually processed the charge.  Upon contacting this municipal court, were we told that the charge was so old that any documentation from it was in all likelihood destroyed, but that the court would have a clerk research their archives for us and see if there was any documentation from the offense still in existence.

After waiting for the clerk to conduct the research, we received the good news that the court still had a copy of the final disposition and was able to make a certified copy for us. We sent this certified copy of the disposition on to our client who was very gracious for our persistence and determination to find the documentation which his client needed.