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Locates – Former Employees from the 1970s

As a result of an ongoing environmental matter in litigation, TIN was engaged to identify and/or locate several witnesses who were actually former employees of a Texas based paper mill company in the 1970s.  Our Investigators expeditiously determined that a couple of the former employees were in fact deceased and/or in very poor health.  Nonetheless, […]

Trends in Intellectual Property

Some of our law firm clients are now advising a more cautions, yet pro-active approach for their clients prior to launching their unique trademark, brand, etc. in the market place.  Depending on the industry, law clients are conducting on-line, business records, industry intelligence and/or street level investigations to determine specifically how their competitors — who […]

Employee Investigation

When forced to address the sudden and unexpected resignation of a problem sales rep, an oilfield services company contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to substantiate rumors relative to his having simultaneously been employed with a competing company.  Information provided by the oilfield service company identified 2 companies of which the sales rep maintained curiously close […]

Investigating Ghost Billing Schemes

By Bill Pellerin U.S. businesses thrive on the opportunity to engage in mutual exchanges involving the many goods, services, ideas and monies determined to be of value to those who participate in our system of commerce.  In order to function productively within this system, companies often create specific positions or designate certain employees with responsibility […]

The Shut Down of a “Maquiladora”: “In & Out Without Incident”

An assignment in Mexico required our physical presence during the shut down process of one our client’s “maquiladoras”, or factories. Our client, a U.S. entity who maintains corporate offices in Chicago, had made the unfortunate, but necessary decision to terminate all 65 employees at this particular facility shortly before Thanksgiving in 2006. The primary concern […]

Do I Need Surveillance Equipment? Advice for the Small Business Owner

If you own your own business, you’ve spent time and money developing your product or service, marketing and advertising it, and hiring qualified employees. But how much thought and expense have you put into protecting your ideas, your property, and your staff? Have you evaluated the potential for theft or other crimes at your location? […]

5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know When Hiring a Private Investigator

A Private Investigations company must have an active license in order to conduct business within the state of Texas The company license insures that the Owner/Investigator has passed a Criminal History Background Investigation performed by the Department of Public Safety and the F.B.I., has completed and passed the required amount of Continuing Education Courses (16 […]

5 Areas Where a Private Investigator Can Assist You in Your Business

Pre-employment Conduct Background Investigations on prospective employees; Searches of Criminal, Civil and Driving History records; Pre-Employment, Reference and Credentials verification Internal Investigation of circumstances involving Corporate Theft, On-the Job Accidents, Violations of Non-Compete Agreements; Investigation/Surveillance of Corporate Espionage; Countermeasures/Electronic Bug Detection Undercover Undercover investigation of activities within the workplace (office, shop, warehouse, plant or shipping/receiving […]

Corporate Exec Spends $5,000.00 a Month In Suspicious Entertainment Expenses

The initial call in this assignment came from a rather nervous Executive Assistant employed with a large U.S. corporation. Historically, she had always approved and processed reimbursement of all credit card expenses incurred by her direct report, this corporation’s Chairman of the Board. Typically, the credit card expenses charged by this executive consisted of travel, […]