Corporate Exec Spends $5,000.00 a Month In Suspicious Entertainment Expenses


The initial call in this assignment came from a rather nervous Executive Assistant employed with a large U.S. corporation. Historically, she had always approved and processed reimbursement of all credit card expenses incurred by her direct report, this corporation’s Chairman of the Board. Typically, the credit card expenses charged by this executive consisted of travel, lodging, meals, etc…and she was generally instructed to approve them “without examination”.

According to this assistant, a charge in excess of $ 5,000.00 – identified only by a cryptic name – appeared as an expense on one of the monthly credit card statements and continued to appear on this statement for 2 successive months. In searching a variety of online public information sources and utilizing an internet based information broker, the assistant remained unable to properly identify the entity referenced on the credit card statements. Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was engaged to discreetly identify the correct legal and trade name for the entity to whom these payments were made, however, in order to protect the anonymity of the assistant in the event that our findings reflected poorly on the Chairman of the Board, our investigative file was established with a 3rd party representative as our client of record.

Relying on our extensive computer databases, we quickly identified names for several companies resembling the cryptic name seen on the statement submitted by the assistant. The names for each of these companies were then run through a series of records and public filings in order to obtain additional status and business identification details. Not surprisingly, the address for the business most similar to the cryptic name on the statement was the address of an extremely popular gentleman’s club in Houston, Texas.

This information was subsequently reported to our client thereby confirming the assistant’s suspicion relative to the cryptic entries on her boss’ credit card statement.

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