Our agency has been fortunate to investigate and present a variety of theft, fraud, embezzlement, etc. cases to law enforcement in years past. The investigative process we have developed for working up these types of cases has proven to increase the likelihood of criminal prosecution of those who steal from companies.

This past month, I was able to arrange a meeting for a client with a couple of financial crimes investigators in the Houston Police Department.  I was surprised by the difficulty we initially encountered in getting law enforcement personnel – whom my agency had previously worked with – to take an interest in this particular case.  Monetary losses to our client’s company which had been proved up in just one area of the business in 2013 were approximately $ 200,000.00.  What we discovered once we had the opportunity to sit down and present our case to our law enforcement partners was that this group still handled cases involving business theft, yet were recently instructed that greater concentration was needed on those cases in which company losses were at, or in excess of one million dollars.  The complexities of our client’s particular situation were such that greater losses may yet be realized, and law enforcement was fortunately able to take a great interest in the case and in the preliminary findings from our case work-up.

Criminal activity causing this level of monetary losses is carried out by white and/or blue collar criminals, as well as organized and sophisticated theft rings.  The fact of the matter is that the volume of theft that is occurring within and directed toward certain types of businesses in the greater Houston area today has skyrocketed.  Our fundamental role remains in identifying the activities and personnel responsible for these types of losses, facilitating criminal prosecution and/or restitution for our client, and creating a deterrent(s) to this occurring again.

In corporate America, private investigative agencies are routinely engaged by the Legal Department, Directors of Security, Risk Management and C-level executives.  Human Resources departments also rely upon private investigative agencies in matters involving workplace misconduct, discrimination, sexual harassment, claims involving theft or internal losses, pre-employment due diligence, extensive background checks on executive level hires, nominees for board positions, etc.

Some financial clients engage private investigators to locate former employees.  Often this is necessary because they are managing an investment account on behalf of the employee and need them to take some level of action.  Other times, they realize that they may have miscalculated pay or benefit accrual at some point in the past and they simply want to correct the situation before someone notifies the Department of Labor.  All of these situations may require the services of a licensed private investigator.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Texas Investigative Network, Inc. in the event any of us can be of assistance to you with training your personnel to conduct an internal investigation.

Keep fightin’ the good fight, my friends.

Bill Pellerin