Corporate Investigations

Effective, lawfully conducted corporate investigations can provide crucial information, clarity and peace of mind to you, the company decision maker, in a variety of business situations. Every company may be viewed as a complex business machine and therefore, monitoring the activities of each employee and every aspect of your business is a challenging yet necessary and ongoing responsibility.  At Texas Investigative Network (TIN), we provide investigative expertise for a variety of business situations, from pre-employment background investigations, fraudulent claims investigations, competitive intelligence, due diligence for mergers & acquisitions, unauthorized use of intellectual property, corporate theft and in those situations in which fiduciary responsibility has been compromised.

In connection with Employee and/or Management activities, TIN also conducts mobile and covert surveillance, electronic countermeasures, on-site interviews, and polygraph examinations.  Additionally, an extensive review of financial records is often required for the purposes of identifying billing discrepancies, which have led to criminal charges being filed for theft, fraud or embezzlement in many cases.  TIN discreetly performs corporate investigations without having to reveal the identity of company whistleblowers.

Since 1994, TIN professional investigators have successfully assisted corporate clients in the following business situations:

    • Employee/Manager/Executive Level Background Investigations: conducted for the purposes of verifying that a potential new hire has the qualifications, credentials, etc. they claim and to ensure that certain historical, or derogatory facts have not been omitted from you, the Employer.  This is particularly important when vetting high level executives, as these key personnel are often engaged to make critical financial decisions for your company, interface with your clients and potentially represent your company in a public relations capacity.
    • Theft, Fraud or Embezzlement: Employees that are entrusted with fiduciary responsibilities often create innovative methods to conceal transferring funds from company accounts, or establish fraudulent 3rd party/contractor relationships at the expense of the employer.  TIN also conducts computer forensic investigations for the purposes of recovering critical information, data or records believed to have been previously deleted.  This has proved to be helpful in identifying specific financial transactions initiated by the suspect for the purposes of determining the source, origin and/or destination of your company funds.
    • Due diligence:  Before acquiring, merging and/or investing with another company, it is critical to establish the validity of the assets and the level of solvency for which the company is claiming.  It is also important to conduct research of the appropriate jurisdictional criminal and civil litigation records of all potential partners.  TIN has also done extensive work to uncover a person and/or company’s professional reputation within a specific industry.  This is always paramount to aligning the best candidate for your company.
    • Legal action:  Prior to initiating a lawsuit, TIN has been called upon to investigate the financial and non-financial assets of an adverse entity.  The results from an asset investigation allow your company the opportunity to validate the costs associated with filing a civil law suit, or determine that civil litigation is cost prohibitive in this specific matter.  An asset investigation can also be conducted post-judgment, for the purposes of bringing clarity to a person or company’s legitimate ability to satisfy the financial judgment that has been rendered against them.
    • Information Technology Security/Penetration: Maintaining information security and monitoring information access, email communications, etc. at all company levels are extremely important.  TIN conducts technical inspections for the purposes of identifying vulnerable spots within your company’s IT infrastructure which would invite a cyber attack or on-line fraud to occur.  This level of testing will allow your company the opportunity to upgrade existing levels of IT security in those areas determined to be vulnerable.

Today, accurate information and credible evidence is paramount to making good business, people and procedural decisions.  Many businesses recognize this and rely upon effective and lawfully conducted corporate investigations to obtain crucial information, clarity and peace of mind in operating their businesses.