CORPORATE – Surveillance of Suspicious Sales Rep


Recently, a corporate client received a tip that a top producing Sales Rep was involved in activities which allowed him to generate additional personal income during those same hours of employment in which he was being compensated to generate and maintain business for our client’s company.  This tip was developed as a result of the Sales Rep’s spending habits, which fellow employees had become curious about.  As reported by fellow employees, their concern included the Sales Rep’s spending above and beyond his current salary level.  Since all of the Sales Reps earned approximately the same amount in income, this situation stimulated ongoing speculation and a level of envy among fellow employees.  The client’s concern was the possibility of illegal activity or some type of activity that would create a conflict of interest for our client’s company.  It was critical that our client determine discreetly the source of the excessive amounts of cash the Sales Rep always had in his possession.  The possibilities included gains from illegal activities, an inheritance, or side job which may not have conflicted with our client’s business or some other reasonable explanation.  As this employee had been employed with our client’s company for several years and overall had performed well, our client did not want to penalize him without justifiable cause.

Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was engaged to initiate surveillance of this Sales Rep for the purposes of obtaining answers to our client’s concerns.  In less than 14 days, our Investigators discovered that our client’s employee was involved in conducting business for a competing business.  The other entity happened to be a past customer, and had engaged our current Sales Rep to help him grow his business.

When confronted with the information and evidence obtained through investigation, the Sales Rep was completely surprised.  The Sales Rep was promptly terminated by our client.  Our client subsequently advised us that since termination of this Sales Rep, company morale was at an all-time high.

Our client also advised us that in no way did his Sales Rep ever suspect that he was being investigated and his whereabouts, activities, etc. were being monitored through surveillance.  This was important to our client because had our investigation revealed that the Sales Rep was innocent of involvement in any illegal and/or unethical activities, the client’s company would have elected to retain him without creating further ill-will, distrust or embarrassment within the organization.