Being involved in professional trade associations can be an honor and can also create quite the opportunity for one to excel in their profession.  As it pertains to the investigative profession, we are fortunate to have approximately 800 active members in our state association (TALI), and approximately 1,400 members in our national association (NCISS).  To meet and regularly do business with some of the many talented, highly capable and selfless professional investigators is truly gratifying.  In recent years, our industry leadership at the state (Texas) and national (U.S.) level has inspired a deliberate shift toward professionalism, accountability and the recognition of ethics as a key component in our CE training requirements.  Our current leadership has worked hard to establish consistency and maintain the culture of professionalism that we have in the investigative profession today.  In a relatively short period of time, our profession has become an intriguing, quite rewarding and well-respected field for employment.

On July 24, 2014, our profession celebrated National Private Investigators Day.  While in the midst of a heavy case load at our agency last month, I recall seeing on-line posts, announcements, etc. recognizing the achievements of several investigators, agencies and/or state associations in conjunction with this day of celebration.  So what impact – financial or otherwise – does the private investigative profession have upon businesses, the legal profession, the insurance industry, and/or our community?  To touch on just a few of these purposes:



Protection from monetary losses through counterfeiting, patent, trademark and copyright infringements

Protection from monetary losses as a result of Theft, Embezzlement, Fraud, etc.



Witness/Party Locates, Interviews & Background Investigation support

Trial Preparation support

Acquisition of hard to find information, evidence, documentation and assets

Due Diligence for Mergers, Acquisitions, and executive level hires



Billions of dollars of fraudulent claims are detected annually through private investigation

Stationary, Mobile and/or Covert Surveillance brings clarity to suspicious personal injury claims



Missing Persons/Lost loved ones – families are often re-united

Clarity is established in Infidelity/Hidden Assets/Child Custody matters

Child/Elderly Abuse, Negligence, etc. is discovered

Assistance in locating those in arrears on Child Support Payments/Employment, etc.


I regret that I did not stop for just a few moments last month to reflect upon the great strides which have been made in our profession.  The journey that I have personally experienced as a licensed professional investigator since 1985 has been immensely challenging, deeply rewarding and unexpectedly more exciting than anything I could have dreamed up.

If you will, please mention National Private Investigators’ Day the next time you contact our offices for assistance.  If you do, your next investigative matter will be handled on a Pro-Bono, at-cost or a significantly reduced rate – depending on the type of assignment, of course.  This is simply our gift back to our loyal friends and clients who have entrusted sensitive, yet critical matters to Texas Investigative Network, Inc. over the 20 years that my agency has been fortunate to be in the business of investigations.

May our faith in God and in human nature remain great – keep fighting the good fight, my friends.


With gratitude,

Bill Pellerin, TCI

Texas Investigative Network, Inc.

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