Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was recently engaged by D. Douglas Mena of Litchfield Cavo, L.L.P. in connection with a lawsuit resulting from an automobile accident. Our assignment consisted of locating and obtaining contact information for an individual who had witnessed the accident.  Unfortunately the accident report listed no contact information, address, or even driver’s license number for the witness.  The only useful pieces of information were the location of the accident and the name of the witness.

With so few identifiers, it is particularly difficult to even identify the proper individual who witnessed the accident.  In the event that the witness has a particularly uncommon name, an investigator can typically identify the individual using proprietary databases.  However, the witness in this investigation actually had a relatively common name and there were multiple individuals with the same name within the city where the accident occurred.

TIN Investigator Pfister initially reached out to the officer investigating the accident to see if there was anything contained within the investigation file that could help us in locating the witness.  Unfortunately, the officer informed Investigator Pfister that there was nothing additional in the file with regard to the witness’ identifying information.  After speaking with our client and receiving permission to speak directly to the potential witness, Investigator Pfister identified every individual within the area of the accident and, utilizing proprietary databases, began obtaining contact numbers for all individuals with the same name of the witness.

After placing calls both during work and evening hours, Investigator Pfister was eventually able to contact an individual who recalled witnessing the accident in question and was willing to speak with the attorney of record for the case.  The witness’ identifying information, address and contact number were all verified with the witness and then submitted to our client in the form of a professional Subject Locate report.