Digging Deep For Three Former Employees


In October of 2013, attorney Tom Stilwell of Baker Hostetler, LLP in Houston, TX retained Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to locate three former employees for an out of state client. After accepting these locates on a no-locate, no-fee basis, all three individuals were initially identified using the last known information for each individual, as provided by the former employer. It quickly became clear that two of the three former employees were no longer living in the same areas in which they previously lived, but were also no longer living in the same state.

The first of the three individuals was quickly identified using proprietary databases and additional database searches lead our investigation to a new state. After various levels of additional research, we were able to confirm the first of the three employee’s correct residential address through current utility records.

The second individual, who was believed to have also moved out of state, proved much more difficult than his former co-worker. This individual was particularly difficult due to the fact that he had moved halfway across the country and had used his middle name at his previous employment as his first name. After determining the full legal name of this individual, we were able to hone in our search to a more specific area. After landing a break through social media research, we were able to confirm a new residential address on this individual, a new employer as well as a new work phone number.

The last individual, even though he appeared to be living in the same state as his previously known residential address, was particularly difficult due to the fact that he was not listing any residential information, utilities, cell phone, etc. at all in his own name and we therefore had very few leads in our proprietary residential history databases. Through social media, additional research and database leads, we were able to obtain a phone number for the aunt of this individual’s girlfriend. This woman acknowledged that our subject had previously resided at her residence and provided a new address that our subject and his girlfriend had just moved into, a month and a half earlier. This woman also provided a cell phone number for the subject’s girlfriend. After speaking to the subject’s girlfriend, we were able to confirm our subject’s new residential address as well as obtain a current cell phone number on our subject, which was actually in his girlfriend’s name.

All this information was promptly reported to our client in the form of a professional Subject Locate Report.