Living in the age of automated information, people that maliciously take advantage of others will often do whatever necessary to avoid leaving a paper trail – or an on-line footprint.   The deliberate omission of personal and/or identification information makes it difficult to obtain current phone numbers, residential addresses, places of employment, etc. for those who need to be tracked down.   In 2019, TIN received numerous assignments involving evasive Subjects who in the course of normal business transactions, intentionally deceived or elected not to disclose identification and/or personal information – residential, contact telephone numbers, dates of birth, real property, spousal information, vehicle registration details, etc.

In spite of those situations in which critical information for an individual is missing, TIN’s proprietary, methodical Subject Locate processes and out-of-the-box research/inquiry strategy has solved each and every difficult locate assignment this year – with the exception of one. 

On this specific locate assignment, a law firm hired TIN to locate an individual in reference to a pending civil lawsuit.  After a variety of unsuccessful attempts to establish current residential and/or employment information for this person, TIN was ultimately able to establish communication with a recent course instructor for the Subject.  This instructor delivered a message to the Subject, who then informed the instructor that she was not willing to cooperate with TIN or with our law firm client.   Although we were unable to verify a current residential address and phone number for the Subject, we were able to bring this investigation to a logical conclusion and provide our law firm client clarity as to this Subject’s intentions/position regarding the lawsuit.    

Our agency has consistently demonstrated that no Subject Locate assignment is too difficult. Going the extra mile to help bring closure to our clients’ assignments is always worth it.  Remember that where Google stops – our investigation begins.

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