In the winter of 2018, a local law firm contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. in connection with a key witness (Subject) in a civil lawsuit.  Our law firm client had previously made efforts to depose this Subject.  Per opposing counsel; however, the Subject had recently suffered a series of mini-strokes and was physically unable to leave his residence.  Our client had doubts as to the veracity of this explanation and decided to engage TIN to determine the Subject’s true physical capabilities.

TIN Investigators conducted four (4) days of surveillance and on each day, observed the Subject’s wife driving him to and from work.  On various occasions, our Investigators observed the Subject riding as passenger in his vehicle, walking up and down stairs, eating at restaurants, and attending a medical appointment.  Investigators discreetly captured all of these activities on video, which was presented to the client in the form of a court admissible surveillance DVD, supported by a professionally detailed report.

Ultimately, this civil lawsuit ended up settling, and our law firm client was pleased with the results of our investigation.  TIN Investigators were successful in demonstrating that the Subject could in fact leave his residence on a normal basis and had no limitations in conducting routine, everyday activities.

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