This month marks our 24th year in business at Texas Investigative Network, Inc.  We are humbled, honored and grateful for the trust and referrals we continue to receive from many long-time clients and friends, which has contributed to an extraordinary year thus far.  We sincerely appreciate you allowing us to handle a variety of client concerns including corporate theft, insurance fraud, evasive locates, hidden assets, due diligence, hostile employee threats, executive protection and private/family matters, to name a few.  Personally, it remains a privilege to serve our clients every day in an absolutely fascinating profession.

A recent evaluation of last year’s case objectives and outcomes has revealed all-time high success rates in several areas.  Consequently, monthly revenues for this time frame have been consistently higher than ever before.  If you will, please see our most recent year’s business statistics and case-related metrics:

115% – Agency Revenue increase (not 15%)

 96% – Agency Revenue generated by Previous Clients

93%  – Subject Locate success rate

78% – Impactful Surveillance Video that favorably affected the outcome of Corporate or Insurance/Personal Injury Cases

 74% – Derogatory Filings discovered through Due Diligence or Background Investigations

Again, we are grateful and so very proud to be able to provide you and your clients with fact-based information and evidence that consistently contributes to favorable outcomes in the courtroom.

Depending on the case, social media has become an increasingly important and effective tool in accessing and monitoring the communications, whereabouts and activities of those who truly believe they have found a safe haven under the radar.  Within the last month alone, we have been fortunate to close out several – what appeared to be difficult, dead end cases – utilizing various innovative approaches within social media.  Hats off to and please join me in welcoming our newly hired, in-house Investigator Darcey Holender, for conducting some excellent investigative work using new, open source intelligence tools.

Keep fighting the good fight in 2018, my friends.

That we may serve well,

Bill Pellerin

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