Legal Profession

A licensed professional investigator is in a position to be of great support to attorneys and to the legal profession.  In some cases, the work product developed through investigation may have a significant impact upon the outcome of a case in litigation.  With a combined 150 years of investigative expertise within our selectively vetted network, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. is engaged in pre-litigation, discovery, trial and post litigation phases.  This allows law firms and their clients the opportunity to utilize the most accurate, factual and relevant information/evidence in the preparation phase of their case.  Common matters in which a licensed professional investigator may be engaged include:

Due Diligence/Merger & Acquisition – Prior to entering into a business relationship, it is important to establish the professional status report, a background profile and/or the financial condition of another entity and/or the principals involved.  TIN conducts an extensive level of research, and compiles and analyzes critical data relative to those assets and/or capital that has been reported.

Pre-Litigation Assets – When an entity and/or individual is considering filing a claim or cause of action against another party, TIN conducts the research associated with various Assets – Non-Financial and Financial alike.  During a typical asset investigation, TIN will verify and/or uncover non-financial assets such as real property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, equipment, and/or various luxury items.  TIN’s bank and brokerage account searches are conducted in a GLB compliant manner, and are carried out in accordance with all state and federal regulations, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  If necessary, TIN also conducts Financial and Non-Financial Asset Investigations to identify assets that a debtor may not be disclosing in post-judgment situations.

Witness/Litigant Locates, Backgrounds and Interviews – Civil litigation can often take years to resolve, and critical witnesses often disappear by moving or otherwise making efforts to deliberately avoid litigation.  Having successfully located witnesses, evasive litigants and employees in numerous foreign countries, TIN has developed a highly effective, proprietary methodology of expeditiously locating people.  TIN Private Investigators conduct extensive interviews with witnesses and when necessary, submit court admissible reports to our law firm clients in the form of affidavits and/or signed statements.

Insurance Defense/FraudInsurance fraud is responsible for nearly $30 billion in losses in the U.S. every year.  Fraudulent claims are a primary contributor to these losses in the insurance industry.  TIN specializes in exposing fraudulent claims relative to Personal Injury, Disability, Workers Comp and/or Liability claims.  TIN Investigators are often engaged for covert surveillance to establish the veracity of a claim, and the true physical capabilities of a plaintiff and/or claimant.  If a plaintiff has claimed that injuries arising from a vehicle accident have left them immobile, video evidence of them performing strenuous exercises or activities somewhat related to this may in fact contradict their claim.  This level of clarity often allows law firms to achieve very favorable outcomes for their clients and in some cases, an outright dismissal.

Family, Divorce & Child Custody – TIN Investigators are often hired to investigate cases involving spousal infidelity, child custody and hidden assets.  In infidelity cases, TIN Private Investigators often help a client establish peace of mind, or determine whether or not to pursue filing for divorce.  Court decisions relative to child custody, primary conservatorship and visitation are often influenced by incidents of negligence, abuse and/or irresponsibility by either party.  These types of incidents in custody cases are proved up through covert, mobile and stationary surveillance.  Family law attorneys also engage TIN to identify hidden assets – financial and non-financial.  Historically, Private Investigators have successfully discovered unreported bank accounts, brokerage accounts, vehicles, boats, vacation homes, etc. that the client in the legal profession may not have been aware of.  This is often of great interest and help to the client during a contentious divorce proceeding.

At Texas Investigative Network, Inc., our pledge to our law firm clients in the legal profession is to do everything possible to ensure that your matter is responsibly managed and that all relevant reports are expeditiously submitted in a professional, error-free and court admissible format.