Loss of a Pioneer in the Investigations Industry


It is with great sadness that I share with our friends and clients the death of Clyde A. Wilson on November 1, 2008. Clyde was a beloved husband to Agnes for 60 years, a father to 7, a grandfather to 26 and a great-grandfather to 28.

Clyde was a friend and mentor to many and was not only an icon in the Private Investigations industry, but also operated a successful, world-class agency in a manner which many investigators aspired to emulate. Clyde’s direct, result-oriented approach and relentless pursuit of the truth and fairness were unparalleled. Clyde’s unique style and record of achievement left a firm footprint behind and will remain with us for quite some time.

On behalf of the many Private Investigators in Houston who at one time had the opportunity to work for and learn from Clyde, I extend our condolences to the family and gratitude for having received the opportunity to know and learn from such a special man.


International Terrorism, Government and Political Corruption, Corporate Espionage, Fraud,Embezzlement, Murder for Hire, Infidelity and Scandal

For over 40 years, Houston Private Investigator Clyde Wilson demonstrated heroic courage in taking on AND SOLVING cases – many of which, “The Authorities” chose not to be involved in.

The state of Texas was very fortunate to have a friend like Clyde Wilson – a pioneer in the Private Investigations industry.

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