A Message from Bill Pellerin – April 24, 2014


As professional investigators, requests are often made for us to carry out assignments on behalf of business and financial professionals, as well as for individuals within families who have clearly been wronged and/or taken advantage of.  To put these types of matters into a human perspective, many of our clients hire us because they have been hurt by someone they depended upon and trusted deeply.  When these situations unexpectedly manifest themselves and investigation is necessary, our clients expect to receive at a minimum, clarity, definitive answers to guide them in making a difficult yet necessary business or life decision, and in some cases, full restitution for the monetary losses which have been incurred.

The world of private investigations is simply not the same profession that it was 10 years ago.  As professional investigators, we are often asked about modern day investigative capabilities and the laws that permit and regulate our ability to implement such new methodologies.  Our profession has benefitted greatly by laws supporting vetted access to critical information, the legal acquisition and analysis of digital forensic data, increased enhancements involving cyber security, the necessity of overt and covert surveillance, detection of clandestine spy equipment in areas where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists, etc.  It is understandable how a first time client becomes extremely ambitious and even imaginative when considering an appropriate strategy for their specific investigation.

When we embrace the assumption that the final work product and supporting documentation from each investigation we conduct for a client may be introduced at a deposition, hearing or trial, we better understand our obligation to carry out each investigation in a legal, ethical and cost-effective manner.  At T.I.N., I am blessed to work every day with a host of talented investigators who are smart, competitive, tenacious, and who operate in a responsible, solution-oriented manner.  The feedback that I receive most often from clients and friends who know and have worked with us in the past indicate it is “HOW T.I.N. conducts business” that separates our investigative agency from other companies.

On a business note, we were fortunate to have just posted our best first quarter in agency revenues since 2011.  Again, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our loyal friends and clients who we are fortunate to serve in an investigative capacity, and who also continue to refer their clients to us for assignments.  We are grateful to have your vote of confidence in those critical client matters you entrust to us for investigation.

We remain truly blessed to live in a nation that upholds and allows us to celebrate the Judeo Christian traditions which are special to so many Americans, such as Passover, Easter, etc.  As most religious practices are rooted deeply in source, in truth, and in time, may we never take for granted the special privilege that God has given us to live, work and raise our families in the United States of America.

With gratitude for the opportunity to continue to be of service to you.  May God bless, guide and protect you and yours always.

Keep fightin’ the good fight, my friends,

Bill Pellerin, TCI