Please join us in celebrating our 25th year in business as Texas Investigative Network, Inc.  Since 1994, we’ve been fortunate to conduct a host of fascinating investigations for attorneys, business owners, insurance carriers, banks/financial institutions and select families.   In most of the assignments which we’ve received this past year, a favorable outcome has been achieved by uncovering relevant information, evidence or a fact pattern that an adverse party clearly intended to keep hidden.

We would like to send a special thanks to each friend and client who continues to entrust my agency with work.  As a result, TIN has upgraded our commercial office presence and now operates from the Allegiance Bank building located at 13100 Northwest Freeway.   How fortunate we are to be able to now serve you from a beautiful office building in a great location in Northwest Houston.

We’ve also begun revamping our existing website and expect to launch our new site very soon.  Keep an eye out for an updated link that we will send out to our friends and clients in the coming weeks!

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