Early in 2014, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was engaged by a San Antonio area woman who was considering entering into a romantic relationship with a friend.  Our client had become suspicious that the man she was considering the relationship with had exaggerated or possibly even lied about his life.  To be safe, this woman retained Texas Investigative Network to determine if her potential boyfriend was being truthful in several specific areas of his life.

The most important areas of concern to our client about this man were his truthfulness concerning his marriage and divorce history as well as his claims of being an owner of a company that required him to travel frequently.  To ensure that we searched in all appropriate jurisdictions, research was conducted in our subject’s, current and most recent counties of residence, as well as the out of state county where he often and allegedly traveled “for business”.

Our research showed that not only was this individual not the owner of a corporation in Texas or the state where he was allegedly “conducting business”, but nor was he listed as an officer with a company in either state’s Secretary of State records as well.  Further, the individual did not have a DBA, Assumed name or Fictitious Business Entity filed in either of the two counties we researched in Texas.  With regard to the subject’s marriage and divorce history, it was uncovered that the individual had been previously married and had remained married for over 22 years before his marriage ended in divorce.

All of these findings were promptly reported to our client who weighed them carefully in considering whether or not to continue her relationship, yet ultimately made the decision not to pursue a deeper relationship with this individual.


  1. W. Scott FeaganApril 25, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

    Hello Bill, I met you at the Houston TALI conference last month. Outstanding email you sent me with great information. If we can ever be of assistance in Abilene Texas please let me know.
    If I ever need anything in your area you will be contacted sir. Keep up the great work.
    Scott Feagan