Are any of these questions regarding divorce currently occupying your thoughts and time? If so, we can help provide answers.

  • Why is my spouse suddenly working so much overtime?
  • My spouse’s routine just changed, and it is requiring a lot of time away from home.
  • Why is my spouse taking phone calls in the other room?
  • An unknown number keeps calling the house and immediately hangs up when I answer the phone.
  • Why is my spouse suddenly on the computer all the time, but won’t let me see what he/she is doing?
  • Why have I not seen a cell phone bill in 3 months?
  • I am looking at the cell phone bill, and there are repeated phone calls to a number I don’t recognize.
  • I am looking at our bank/credit card statement, and there are some odd restaurant/hotel charges.
  • My spouse never wants to spend time with me (or the family) anymore.
  • My spouse’s perfume/cologne has changed.
  • I think my spouse is hiding money and property from me.