Subject locate investigations are a lot like puzzles. One usually starts with one piece and begins to build around it until a larger image develops, continuing to put all the pieces together until the puzzle is complete and you can see the image in its entirety. Or in our profession, identify and locate an individual. The difference is, with a puzzle, all the pieces are displayed in front of you, and all you have to do is piece it together. In a subject locate investigation, each piece is usually hidden, in which case you must look beyond the pieces provided and search out each piece yourself.

In late April of 2014, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was contacted by an out of state client requesting our services to locate a female who failed to pay the individual several months of rent, resulting in a debt in access of $15,000.00. The pieces of the puzzle provided to us were her name (a very common Hispanic name), an unconfirmed date of birth, her husband’s name (also a common Hispanic name), and the fact that they were both living in the U.S. illegally. After an exhaustive research of online sources and all online proprietary databases, we found ourselves in the same place that we started. None of the pieces of the puzzle were connecting, and it was becoming apparent that our subject of investigation may elude us. After believing that every available resource had been looked into, Investigator Skalka looked into recent home sales in the Houston area and was able to obtain a recent lead on the purchase of a Houston area home earlier that same month by two individuals (who had no identifiers) matching the names of our subject of investigation and her boyfriend/husband. At this point, the puzzle was beginning to take shape and an image was beginning to present itself. Under pretext, Investigator Pfister made an inquiry residence we identified and spoke with a Hispanic female that identified herself as the subject of our investigation. TIN was able to then provide this information to the attorney representing our client in a timely manner, for the purposes of filing a civil law suit. In conclusion, our client’s expectations were certainly exceeded by our efforts.

Subject locate investigations can be very difficult when little information is provided, or when a subject of investigation is purposely attempting to avoid litigation, creditors, family members, or even law enforcement. Attempting to locate someone who truly does not want to be found can be taxing, yet vigilance, determination, and a little outside the box thinking can help in locating that one piece that pulls the entire puzzle together.