In early 2013, a concerned wife contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to inquire about TIN’s availability to conduct a polygraph examination immediately at a remote location in east Texas. Her husband’s work schedule required that he often spent several weeks in hotels while working out of town. In one instance, our client had found condoms that her husband claimed had been left inside a cabinet by a previous occupant of the hotel room where he was staying. Giving her husband the benefit of the doubt, our client let this evidential discovery go. Two months later, our client once again discovered condoms in her husband’s hotel room cabinet. Again, her husband denied these were his and that they had, again, been left in the hotel room by someone else.

     Our client then discovered that her husband had been visiting several websites specifically designed for individuals who were seeking out others for sexual encounters. Further, there were also websites identified on her husband’s computer which specifically target married individuals seeking affairs. When our client encountered her husband with this, he also denied visiting the sites and claimed that he had never met anyone online for sex, nor had ever cheated on his wife.
Believing that her husband was not telling the truth, our client asked him if he would be willing to take a polygraph examination to establish his innocence. Her husband agreed and TIN was promptly engaged to send a polygraph examination expert to the east Texas hotel the two were staying at.

     After securing a hotel room and setting up all appropriate equipment, our polygraph expert took our client’s husband through a series of test questions. After doing so, our client’s husband was then asked about the condoms in the room, any extramarital affairs, and his use of the internet to meet other women for affairs, all of which our client’s husband denied. When our polygraph expert presented the results of the examination, our client’s concerns were validated in that her husband was found to answer untruthfully with regard to the condoms in the hotel room and in previously having any extramarital affairs. The client’s husband was found to have been truthful with regards to not actually having used the internet to meet women for extramarital affairs.

     After confronted with these results, our client’s husband admitted his infidelity to his wife. While saddened by the results, our client was very appreciative of Texas Investigative Network’s quick action and ability to provide her with answers to some very personal issues of concern.