In early 2018, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by a law firm client to locate a Defendant in a civil matter.  This Subject (Defendant) was involved in an auto accident while driving a company vehicle, quit his job on the day of the incident and had been flying under the radar ever since.  Our law firm client was hoping to locate the Subject and gain his cooperation in order to more adequately represent his former employer.

Initially, TIN was provided the Defendant’s name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, two (2) possible addresses, and an old phone number.  After exhausting all in-house, proprietary databases, courthouse records, and a variety of online informational sources, only a few outdated residential leads were developed.  At this time, we turned to social media in the hopes of obtaining specific pieces of personal information, which could lead us to the Subject’s whereabouts.

Within three (3) weeks of receiving this case, TIN was able to successfully obtain a current cell phone number and a current address for the Subject.  The comprehensive use of social media research allowed us to dig deeper into the personal life of the Subject, which ultimately enabled us to solve this locate case.  TIN has developed an innovative, in-depth, social media-based investigative method to uncover the most critical facts achievable for our clients.

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