Special Assignments

Texas Investigative Network, Inc. responds to and resolves a wide range of matters in response to unique and threatening situations which unfortunately occur within Oil & Gas Companies, Professional Service Firms, Brokerage and Financial Institutions, Commercial Construction Companies, Manufacturing and Distribution Companies, Law Firms and Government Agencies..

Our specialists are frequently engaged to discreetly conduct investigations in all major cities in Texas and throughout the United States as well.

Our Special Assignment Investigations include:

  • Electronic Countermeasures Inspections – Electronic Countermeasure assignments are conducted exclusively by Former F.B.I. Special Agents extensively trained in this area of expertise
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Corporate Theft/Embezzlement
  • Evidentiary, Forensic and Data Recovery
  • Cyber Crimes Investigations
  • Financial Accounts Research – U.S. and International
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • Patent & Trademark Infringement
  • Executive Protection
  • Computer Network Security

Contact Bill Pellerin directly at (713) 807-8811 (O) to address any and all concerns which warrant Special Assignment attention.