The current state of the economy, politics and society in general has created somewhat of a fearful culture in our country whereas many are quick to dismiss a message, unless favorable or supportive of a particular agenda.  There is certainly no shortage of messages by competent journalists disseminated each day that although factual in content, create division, a combative response and at times unnecessary conflict.

The real hard truths can be unpopular in America today, especially when supported by stubborn facts.  The truth and the facts have, however, become difference makers in the outcomes we have achieved for our clients in 2016.  Imagine what the truth can do for our nation when put into practice and dialoged, one issue at a time.

Fortunately, the Licensed Investigator remains a unique professional when factual truths, establishing sources, origins of information, and evidence are being sought.  Today’s Licensed Investigator is highly resourceful and serves as a trusted, independent third party within the legal profession and in corporate America.  When conducting investigations on a commercial basis, the professional investigator is required to operate in an uncompromisingly ethical and impartial manner, dissuaded by personal biases.

In this country, the truth has become old fashioned, inconvenient for many and quickly dismissed because it disrupts a particular agenda or group conscious.  A common trend often exhibited includes an impulsive, emotional reaction that cites tone or personal offense when unable to objectively discern the challenge that one has encountered. The gravity or consequences of one’s actions can contribute to a particular problem. In some cases this is manipulation on the part of one who may be unprepared or unwilling to address real world issues and struggles.  By no means should handling matters in an intentionally offensive manner be considered acceptable.  Civility should certainly be embraced in our conversations with others, contentious or otherwise.  Nonetheless, many are in fact very adept deceivers and thus masters at concealing their true motives.  For the common good, we must therefore never shy away from exposing and holding accountable those who would do grave harm to others for personal benefit.

While we remain able to do so, let us continue to challenge the willful blindness to truth that we may encounter at any level within our country, with humility and courage.

May God bless, guide and protect you, your families and your business colleagues in all matters in which the truth is being discerned.

Keep fightin’ the good fight, my friends,

Bill Pellerin, TCI

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