25 Years of Experience – Texas Investigative Network, Inc. has successfully investigated legal, corporate, financial and insurance matters for U.S. based and International clients for the past 25 years. TIN is comprised of many of the most capable specialists in the profession including former F.B.I. Agents, Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers and other Government Trained Experts.

Highest Ethical Standards – TIN’s ethical standards are self-imposed, reviewed for compliance and remain the most stringent within the industry.  Our clients and industry peers often tell us that they have yet to work with an investigative agency that consistently demonstrates such high, uncompromising levels of integrity, accountability and confidentiality.

Case Intake Transparency – No surprises!  All possible options and case outcomes are considered and communicated to our client in advance of TIN initiating an assignment.  Once all case objectives have been established, TIN provides each client with a proposal or services agreement that outlines the scope, parameters, rates, terms, etc. for the investigation.  TIN guarantees that each investigation will be conducted in a strategically planned manner.

Extensive Information Access – TIN maintains on-line accounts and direct access to major U.S. computer information databases, courthouses, data brokers and social media sites.  Conducting research, due diligence and analysis in an FCRA, DPPA and GLB compliant manner, our research staff is able to procure index information, government records and fact-based documents to ensure our clients receive the most current and accurate data possible.

Exceptional Field Operations – TIN field personnel have successfully operated overtly, covertly and fluidly in commercial, urban and rural settings throughout the U.S.  Information and digital evidence procured by TIN agents using state of the art field equipment consistently and favorably impacts cases for our clients.

Superior Work Product – Before final report preparation and submission to our client, all TIN findings are subject to an extensive quality control review with attention to the original case objectives.  Once finalized, our professionally documented report is submitted in a court admissible format, with an expectation of judicial review and/or by opposing counsel.  As a state district judge recently declared in the courtroom, “These (TIN) reports are so clear that we will not be needing any Investigators to testify in this matter”.

Leader in the Profession – With thirty-three (33) years in the investigative profession CEO, Bill Pellerin, is exclusively recognized and uniquely qualified as a credentialed TCI (Texas), PCI (U.S.) and CII (International).

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